Houston couple perish in accident in beloved antique car

The same car Cunningham climbed into as a child is the one that carried him and his wife as they tooled around Texas in later years. The Houston couple cruised with other Model A fans to city tours and potluck gatherings.

“Anywhere Jean went, Allen went, and anywhere Allen went, Jean went,” said Jean Cunningham’s nephew, Kurt Evans.

Often they went in the Model A, and they were in that same antique vehicle, at a tricky intersection in Victoria, when disaster struck last Saturday.

Initial reports indicate that Allen Cunningham, 82, failed to yield to a car headed southeast on U.S. 87, where the highway meets FM 447. This is an odd spot where it can be tough to gauge the speed of passing cars and trucks and cross-traffic stops twice to navigate the highway. The Cunninghams were killed and the Model A battered and broken in the accident about 120 miles southwest of Houston.

via Houston couple perish in accident in beloved antique car – Houston Chronicle.

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