About Dug

Dug Begley and this site are not intended to be taken seriously. Realistically this is a personal clearinghouse for storing my work so I have access to the stories I actually like. Any resemblance to anything else is purely coincidental, accidental and utterly not monumental.

Dug in late 1976.

If you must know, Dug was raised in Kentucky but abandoned it when the moment was right. Since, he has drifted from place to place and found solace in the quiet, desolate areas of the U.S. where there are no people and the urban areas where there are far too many people. He tolerates the spaces between.

Since 1996, Dug has been called “ungrateful,” “an excellent eater” and “an emotionless goon.” Livejournal.com summed Dug up in this way:

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Dug Begley hunting for manatees at Key Biscayne, Fla., 2006