Changes aim to put the ‘park’ back in Allen Parkway

The key change will be calming driving patterns, officials said.

“The speed limit is a little bit higher, but the problem is that people go much above the speed limit on Allen Parkway and with the curves,” Mayor Annise Parker said. “There’s not anything wrong with the street; it’s the way people drive on the street.”

Eury said he once was passed by an exotic sports car that he estimates was traveling about 80 mph.

“I don’t know how he did it when he got to the curves,” Eury said.

For pedestrians trying to access the park and trails, the trip can be even more harrowing. Allen Parkway doesn’t have crosswalks, and it has no traffic lights east of Shepherd because it crosses beneath Waugh and Montrose.

via Changes aim to put the ‘park’ back in Allen Parkway – Houston Chronicle.

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