Luxury bus service aims to meet growing Houston-Dallas travel demand

After a successful stint operating service between Dallas and Austin, Danza, the founder and CEO of Vonlane, is expanding his fleet and offering trips between Houston and Dallas starting Monday. One-way tickets on buses replete with amenities are $69, with service aimed at business travelers.

The company is one of a handful looking for a foothold in the growing market of ferrying people among Texas’ metro areas. Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio all are growing, freeways are strained to capacity and more people are looking for more choices as business increases among the cities. Plans for a privately funded high-speed train between Houston and Dallas are in the works, but even optimistic projections have its opening day six years away.

Travelers in the Houston and Dallas areas are eager for more options.

“If all those are modes are successful, then it shows you how strong both of those markets are and how there are opportunities to serve it,” said Patrick Jankowski, vice-president of research at the Greater Houston Partnership. “By adding another choice, it is an example of how the market has matured and how strong the markets are.”

via Luxury bus service aims to meet growing Houston-Dallas travel demand – Houston Chronicle.

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