Texas legislators trying to put brakes on Houston-to-Dallas bullet train

State lawmakers on Tuesday moved to derail plans for a privately-funded high-speed rail line in Texas, filing nearly two dozen bills to stop the project in its tracks or lessen its effect on landowners should trains roll ahead.

The 18 bills, nine in the Texas Senate with companions in the Texas House, and five others focus on severely limiting Texas Central Partners’ ability to develop a Houston-to-Dallas bullet train line. The project is supported by officials in both cities, but strongly opposed by many rural landowners and elected officials.

Opponents called the deluge of fresh legislation an impressive and persuasive show of the uphill battle the 240-mile rail project faces.

“There is a solid block,” said Kyle Workman, president of Texans Against High-Speed Rail. “How many other issues do you know that generate this solidarity? This is a big deal.”

Source: Texas legislators trying to put brakes on Houston-to-Dallas bullet train – Houston Chronicle

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