Limits keep off-road fans safe but obscure viewing

PRIMM, NEV. – Dante Amis was unusually clean for a day at the desert races. The closest Amis could get to the racecourse was a fence line 30 or so feet away.

His faded jeans didn’t have a spot on them at the Terrible’s Primm 300 last weekend in the southern Nevada desert.

“I didn’t feel like I was part of the action,” Amis, 24, of Corona, said. “I understand the need to keep the crowds away, but you want to be able to enjoy the race.”

Stricter rules for keeping crowds away from the racetrack are working to enhance safety following a calamitous wreck last month in San Bernardino County that killed eight spectators. But promoters also were criticized by some race fans expecting to breathe in the dust the off-road racers kicked up and feel the dry blast of wind when a racer sped by.

via Limits keep off-road fans safe but obscure viewing | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.


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