Inland area follows national trend in elections

The Republican wave that swept America on election night crashed in California but was enough to lift GOP candidates in Inland Southern California.

Nationally voters sent many GOP candidates to Congress and state capitals, but California bucked the trend by electing a slate of Democrats, such as Sen. Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown.

That leaves the Inland area in a familiar place — out of sync with a state known for union initiatives, environmental regulations and social spending and more in line with a conservative nation pushing back against big government and taxes.

“California is definitely now two states: A left-leaning coast and an Inland area,” said Douglas Johnson, a fellow at the political-tracking Rose Institute at Claremont-McKenna Colleges. “This completes the process from a north-south state to an east-west state.”

via Inland area follows national trend in elections | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.


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