Truck drivers say mountain roads are safe, with caution

Paul Lund chooses his route wisely, because in the mountains the wrong road can lead to a big problem for a large truck like his semi-tractor and trailer.

“You take it slow,” Lund, 44, of Yucaipa, said as he made the rounds delivering soft drinks to area stores in Lake Arrowhead and Twin Peaks. “You stick to where you can avoid the problem spots.”

Almost two weeks ago a church bus ferrying youngsters back to Pasadena crossed into oncoming traffic on Highway 189 near Twin Peaks and plummeted down a 25-foot embankment killing the driver. Won Seok Chae, 61, was killed, and 21 passengers on the bus were injured — three critically. The two people in the SUV suffered minor injuries.

Those who maneuver down curvy roads in commercial trucks said rigs and mountain routes can co-exist. But it takes a lot of training, and vigilance.

via Truck drivers say mountain roads are safe, with caution | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.


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