Condemnation a concern for some freeway-area landowners

Kenny Renfroe’s business is fun and games, but lately operating his billiard table showroom has faced serious problems because of the widening of Interstate 215 in San Bernardino.

Expanding the freeway required taking slivers of his property via eminent domain along Rialto Avenue near I Street. Half of the parking lot outside his sales floor is an easement for an underground sewer line, limiting where he can let customers park. Across Rialto Avenue, his factory where he used to manufacture pool tables is vacant. The freeway widening eliminated the alley where delivery trucks could back up to his loading dock.

“It’s a great building, if you could get trucks to it,” Renfroe said on a walk around his property.

via Condemnation a concern for some freeway-area landowners | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.


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