REDEVELOPMENT: For Duroville residents, more waiting

Moving day for residents of a dilapidated mobile home park in Thermal will be delayed indefinitely while the state and Riverside County sort out a redevelopment money dispute, leaving more than 1,000 people stranded in a community that lawmakers and lawyers have spent eight years trying to close.

Without the $12 million to purchase new mobile homes, officials do not know when residents of Duroville will be allowed to move to a new community being built nearby. Many of the residents have spent years living with sewage leaks in yards where children play, enduring hot summers and cold winters in rundown mobile homes and trailers.

In court Wednesday, May 23, the federal magistrate overseeing the closing of Duroville warned against a “pessimistic attitude.”

via REDEVELOPMENT: For Duroville residents, more waiting | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.

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