CALIMESA: Gun maker’s work hits the big screen

On a tour of the Nemesis operation, Ives bristled at the notion he is building a weapon of death. He prefers to think of his firearms as a tool.

“A car can be a weapon,” he said. “A pen can be a weapon. You don’t call them that … It is a firearm. Does it have to shoot holes in live things?”

Ives said the practical uses for a concealable long-range rifle are less nefarious than television and movies would have people believe. In addition to the Bourne movie, the gun has been featured on television, recently in “Hawaii 5-0.”

“When you see firearms or guns in movies or on TV, it is always good versus evil,” Ives said.

via CALIMESA: Gun maker’s work hits the big screen | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.

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