INLAND: Road repairs face an uphill funding battle

Correa, a real estate agent, can bend down near his home off Loring Ranch Road and scrape the top layer off the street. In seconds, he can amass a handful of dried-out, crumbled asphalt.

“This shouldn’t be like this,” he sighed, scooping up what used to be part of the street.

It’s far from the only Inland road in need of a little – or a lot – of attention. City and county budgets have tightened, and fuel and sales taxes dedicated to road repairs have dwindled. The consequences are apparent, not only in potholed freeways but in local streets that are cracking, crumbling and, in cases like Correa’s, simply blowing away.

via INLAND: Road repairs face an uphill funding battle | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.

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