SAN BERNARDINO: Omnitrans, SANBAG at odds over rail project

A proposed rail line from San Bernardino to Redlands that’s been touted as a major transit upgrade has drawn opposition from local bus system officials, who fear a greater focus on rail will rob poor and minority bus-dependent riders of vital transportation.Officials with Omnitrans, the bus system for southwestern San Bernardino County, fear adding the line could cost them one-fifth of their operations money, which would lead to large cuts in bus service, potentially affecting communities where riders are more dependent on the transit system.Though nothing has been decided, transportation agency staff agree that Omnitrans could stop receiving all of the San Bernardino Valley’s sales tax money for transit. It would have to share it with the rail project, but officials said that would not come at the expense of offering bus service to parts of the area.

via SAN BERNARDINO: Omnitrans, SANBAG at odds over rail project | Breaking News | – Press-Enterprise.

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