Bike sharing system slow to grow, but big plans proceed

A program to spread bike-sharing kiosks around Houston remains in first gear with only three downtown stations, but supporters are optimistic they can expand the initiative as planned.

In May the city unveiled kiosks in three downtown spots where anyone could procure a bicycle through the B-Cycle program. The locations at City Hall, Market Square Park and the George R. Brown Convention Center were supposed to be followed by other kiosks by the end of the year.

The expansion is a few months behind schedule, said Laura Spanjian, Houston’s sustainability director. She said federal reviews required under the $116,000 grant to start the bike-sharing program, and state historic preservation approvals for the locations, have proceeded more slowly than expected. The program, run by a nonprofit, Houston Bike Share, also is waiting to secure city permits for the installations.

via Bike sharing system slow to grow, but big plans proceed – Houston Chronicle.

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